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Angelic Voices

A Dream Within A Dream

Angelic Voices ~ Female Vocalists
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Promotion and discovery of female vocals in electronic, trip hop & downtempo music.

Angelic Voices is a group that discusses and promotes female vocalists in genres such as Downtempo, Trip Hop, Electronica, Dream Pop, Trance, Shoegazer, Ambient, Goth, Ethereal, Chillout, Electro Lounge, Twee Pop, Neo-Soul, Indie, Nu-Jazz, New Age, World, and even some Folk, Pop and Alternative. As for rules, I have not established any at this time, but just use common sense. Stay on topic and especially no spamming.

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Ryan met Rebecca in 1992 while running his father's notorious independent record store in Santa Cruz, CA. Three years later, the pair ventured north to San Francisco to pursue the sound that would eventually become Halou.

Their debut album, We Only Love You, was released in 1998 on a small independent label. Featuring Rebecca's powerfully honest vocals, the album meandered irreverently through abstract beats and sumptuously languid pop music. We Only Love You received over-
whelming praise, was spun by highly-influential indie radio stations and was reviewed by virtually every noteworthy electronic music magazine.

Halou continued to craft their unique sound on their second release, Wiser. Wiser further defined Halou's sound - both crushing and delicate, intense and soothing. While still embracing electronics, the addition of live cello, acoustic double bass and drums further pushed the band's effective blend of the electronic and organic.

Released on Nettwerk Records in 2001, Wiser was entirely self-produced by Ryan and new member and studio engineer, Count. Count has established himself as an integral member of the band not only as an engineer and mixer, but also as drummer. His production skills have been finely-tuned through his work with Blackalicious, DJ Shadow, the Velvet Underground's John Cale, Lyrics Born, New Order, No Doubt, and more.

Halou's newest recording, Wholeness & Separation, has fully realized the delicate balance of organic and electronic. Luxurious strings, atmospheric textures from an array of instruments, infectious beats, and heartfelt vocals stretch this sonic collage across the spectrum of human emotion.

Ryan and Rebecca have also released albums under other project names such as Anymore, Invisible (under the pseudonyms Lee Ryan and Lin Chen) and R/R Coseboom.</i>

Check out the latest Halou and R/R Coseboom albums: Wholeness & Separation / Beneath Trembling Lanterns
For more info on Halou visit: www.halou.com & www.myspace.com/halou
For more info on RR Coseboom visit: www.dynamophone.com/rr & www.myspace.com/tremblinglanterns
For more info on Invisible Ballet visit: www.invisibleballet.com & www.myspace.com/invisibleballet

Angel of the Month Hall of Fame:

March 2007: Ashley Tomberlin
February 2007: Priscilla Hernandez
January 2007: Zoe Johnston
December 2006: Natalie Walker
November 2006: Erin Welton
October 2006: Liv Kristine
September 2006: Skye Edwards
August 2006: Kate Havnevik
July 2006: Anji Bee
June 2006: Anneli Drecker
May 2006: Nicola Hithchcock
April 2006: Hafdis Huld
March 2006: Imogen Heap
February 2006: Harland

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